What to do with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience

What to do with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience#

Congratulations, you either have or are on the path to completing your bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. That is quite an accomplishment.

Now you are wondering what to do next. What does a career with a neuroscience degree look like? And what can you do now to make the most of it and set yourself on the path to success?

This e-book is my attempt to provide an opinionated guide to some of the options you may be considering. Is it comprehensive? Not at all, but hopefully it will provide you with a general landscape of what is out there. I also say that it is opinionated and it is! These are my opinions and are based on my experiences. They may not be the best opinions for you. They may not even be the best opinions for me! I am not perfect. But I have had many conversations with students, like yourself, who have similar questions. What follows is an attempt to write down my responses to the most common questions, including questions students should be asking but are not.

Think of this guide as a mix of a choose-your-own-adventure and a Wiki guide to help you explore different career paths. This document is not meant to be read from start to finish. Instead, you should feel free to jump around using the embedded links as you dive deeper into different career paths.

You can see the whole table of contents below to get a sense of the document, but the best thing to do is to start with page 1, The Three Buckets.